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Mini -Seedcamp event in Belgrade was also marked by one meaningful and more than a pleasant introduction to Natasa Djukanovic , a Director International  Sales of Domain.Me . It will suffice to say that it was a beginning of one beautiful friendship. Natasa was immediately attracted to the concept of Althemy (Cyber City) and invited us to participate in the Startup Competition at the conference.


Althemy - CyberCity @ Startit Fest, Belgrade

After 8 months of hard work, the day arrived for Althemy - CyberCity to present itself in our second official big event pitch (after Mini Seedcamp Belgrade) and what better place for this but SEE ICT's Startit Fest Largest startup festival in South-East Europe.
Five days of startup mayhem, all over the city of Belgrade ensued between May 15th and May 19th. The agenda was packed to the brim and covered a range of different workshops, lectures and meetups.


Graduation Day

You're never too old to learn, and you are certainly never too old to graduate - and feel Super Happy about it. On 18th of May 2014, our team officially graduated in the class of 2013/2014 of StartUp Academy.


Mini Seedcamp event in Belgrade

Seedcamp held its Mini Seedcamp event in Belgrade on May the 18th. We applied with CyberCity via Angel list, but werent admitted to the narrow selection. Still, thanks to the personal recommendation from Vukasin Stojkov, founder of TruckTrack, we were given a chance to present our project. Firstly in front of Carlos Eduardo Espinal, who has himself lead pitch preparations with the selected teams, and then on the Event itself.


Pitch preparations

Working on Althemy - CyberCity presentation was a challenge for itself and something that definitely deserves a separate blog post. In our first month at Startup Academy, we started with some idea about how CyberCity pitch should look like, but in reality, it was terrible. We knew that our startup was complex, but it was fascinating how we kept failing to explain it properly to our audience.


Startup Events are always exciting, even more so when they happen in inspiring environment such as Belgrades Royal Palace, add to this a great mix of local and foreign mentors and enthusiastic teams presenting their early stage startups and the feeling is unbeatable.
So when we were given the opportunity to present Althemy - CyberCity in front of European accelerator Startup Sauna from Finland, we jumped at it without a second thought.


'Sale without Selling' & StartLabs Open Mentoring Hour

Once upon a time, in a caf not so far away, a sort of a startup love story began, a beginning of a beautiful friendship between Startlabs and Cybercity. But not because one was accelerator / investor and other early stage startup.


Althemy - CyberCity @ Startup Academy

We have started working on the idea CyberCity with the funding help of our angel Predrag Kovacevic, but we felt like something important was missing. For this particular project to succeed, we needed to get out of the building, create a network of people around it, who would participate each on his own way.


Origins a.k.a Introduction

Althemy - CyberCity was first created in 2003rd, as a popular forum centered on alternative lifestyle subjects. These topics varied from astrology, over spiritualism, sex, new age to occult. All the current team members were also active members on the forum, vividly participating in discussions across all these topics.
The forum thrived for many years and gathered many followers, until it was shut down in 2007th for technical reasons.

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