Interview with Obsidian Kerttu

Interview with Obsidian Kerttu

Recently, we had the opportunity to welcome wonderful Obsidian Kerttu here at Althemy for an interview. This beautiful and immensely talented girl is well versed in styling and modelling. She shows her artistic side through every aspect of her rich modelling career across many styles, paying attention to every detail, from styling her own apparel, to choosing the best photographers to immortalize her work.

Take a look what she said about her life and work in this interview.

Following is the transcript of the video interview with Obsidian:

Interview with Obsidian Kerrttu by Alex Jagi - Althemy


Hi guys, Althemy here, and we are in the beautiful company of Obsidian Kerttu, an alternative model from Serbia who is also a graphic designer and applied artist. You travel a lot. Yesterday, when we were talking about the interview youve just arrived from another journey. Most of your travels are modelling related, where do you go and what do you do?

I mostly travel to Croatia, because I have an awesome photographer there, and she is my good friend and all the collaborations with her are, like, very successful, so Im working with her most of the time, and I travel across Serbia and all my traveling is mostly related to my work so that is for now, but I will go to Sweden to shoot with other models, from Vampire Freaks as well, so that is just something in the nearest future for now.

Youve been collaborating with Vampire Freaks, youve been collaborating with Gothic and Amazing, youre working for two different agencies, coming from a small town in central Serbia, how did you break from this localized environment into becoming a basically international model?

Well, when I started my modelling it was just for fun and it was my hobby, but I was accepted as a Vampire Freaks model and in two agencies, so, people recognized my style and my quality of work so they just contacted me to start collaborations with big brands and other designers, and that is how it all started.

One of the things that actually really comes forth about your work is very high quality of the photos, especially in the make-up department. You do most of the make-up yourself. Where did you learn this, and did maybe training as a graphic designer helped in this way?

Well, I am self-taught, I actually love make-up so much, and I am a huge make-up junkie, so I was experimenting my whole life and trying to be unique, and yeah, my art classes and being a graphic designer and applied artist really helped me to achieve my quality and perfection and dedication to details, so, it helped me a lot, yeah.

Youve been modelling many different styles, but one of your favorite styles is definitely Gothic Victorian. Over the years, how did this scene change, has it become more popular, or is it still maybe an underground on its own?

Victorian Goth is pretty popular right now, I think it is the most popular style in Serbia in that alternative subgenre, so, I think that it will become more popular with time.

Gothic style is an unusual style. Has it happened to you that you have inspired somebody who is not in Goth or Victorian scene to maybe try themselves out in this specific style because they saw you, although they didnt know what it was all about?

People now are more open-minded and accept Goth like something that is more popular, and, I think yeah, I think my work inspired other people so, Im glad if that is the case.

With all the traveling and working schedule, how do you manage your private life, your personal life?

Very hard. I have a lot of work every day and Im trying to keep up with everything and do everything on time, but it is hard and I do really need to have, like, really good organization to have everything done, but, I think Im managing it really fine for now.

We are welcoming you as the face of Althemy for the month of November, and we are very, very delighted to have you with us. I hope that we will have phenomenal cooperation in the future as well.

Thank you, thank you for having me here with you.

Vannkira Journal author