One on one with Xilmordas

One on one with Xilmordas

This months Face of Althemy is Xilmordas, an intriguing and talented model, video producer and photographer from Sweden. Even though his appearance is quite dark and mysterious, somewhat spooky, he is actually one very chatty and warm person, who talked about his alternative roots and childhood influences, as well as about his creative processes and future plans.

Following is the transcript of the video interview with Xilmordas:

Interview with Xilmordas by Jazzy - Althemy


Hi, Xil! You are a model, a photographer, a video producer and you are somehow successful in artistically expressing yourself through all this different media. An, the art that you create is, like, obviously dark and macabre. How did this influence develop?

I was inspired mostly by horror movies and the gothic theme, in general. Ive always been drawn to the alternative concepts, and, well, it kind of like just developed by itself. Its more about the style for me, and I felt like the way that I edit my pictures and the movies, correspond very well with my taste and style, so I, kind of, like combine that. So, my art and the things that I do is very heavily inspired by my alternative taste for clothing, as well as music and various movies.


Can you tell us a bit more about your video production process? Like, at one moment its concept in your head, and in the next moment you have, like ta-da - a finished video. Does it work like that or?

Well, its a lot of work involved. And, well, at first, I just listen to the song and if I find it inspiring enough, I just why not! Lets make video out of it!  But, as for now, I use Sony Vegas and it works out. And, well, I just play around a lot with effects and the way that the scenes appear and usually goes very well, so Than I have something finished, and if its good, I just release it!

So, when is the point you think: Ok, this is cool, I can release it it closely resembles to pictures I have in my head?

Yeah, exactly. Exactly that. I dont get that many. I just think well, in this theme I can actually do it. And, yeah, that would be cool for people, I guess. So, I do it and then I wait for their responses and see what they think. And, yeah, it feels good, because most of my fans get very inspired by it, and thats always a nice thing.

Your personal affair in fashion style is very distinctive and some people, I think, find you scary noobs (laughing). But, who are you behind the make-up?

Well, I dont really think about that much. I just was born like walking around, just as anyone else, then when I put on my make-up and all this clothes, people finally knew who I was. So, thats kind of how I view it (laughing). Usually, I just try to be as creative as possible in everything I do. The lifestyle, the alternative lifestyle, I try to implement as much as possible. And for example: I transformed my home into a gothic kingdom, thats always been a goal of mine. Right now, its not anything like that, at all, but its a goal and, yeah

But, tell me on the street, when people see you, how do they react? Do they, like stare or point at you?

I live in Sweden. Im kind of like the most honest person on the street really, because I really show this is me, you know. And I dont really care, because people dont really say anything, whatsoever. Sometimes, there are people who stare and I just smile at them! (Laughs) And it works, because they always look away, as fast as they can.

(Laughing) Did anybody ever smile back?

Sometimes, yeah. Ladies, mostly. (Laughs)

I bet that happens a lot!

Well, yeah, depends on how much clothes I have (Smiles)

How does your family react to your lifestyle?

Well, they love it. Well, my mother loves it! She was, actually the one who tried to influence me to this, when I was like eight years old. She said: Why cant you, like become a goth, with these long trench-coats and white, powdered face! That would be so cool! And she said that so many times. Well, I guess that picture stuck in me.

So, what are your plans for the future? And, do you have some new projects?

Well, its a good question, really. I always live, like for the future. Im trying to do as much with the present as I can. And I will surely, like - mostly work with videos, for now, but I do have a few more shoots, well - new looks, that are more fantasy-inspired. Mora advanced stuff. I just want to like, advance more and more and more, all the time! (Smiles)

Can you share some thoughts about your collaboration with Althemy?

Yeah! I absolutely loved to get affiliated with you guys. Ive been with Vampire Freaks for two years and, well I kind of got into Nocturnal Agency, but they closed down. So, I dont really have anything besides that. And Althemy seemed very interesting, so I signed up, and, yeah its awesome, really! I really like your site and the people and everything they do, and, yeah 0 I think its going awesome! (Smiles)

Well, thats awesome! Thank you for your time!

Thank you!

Vannkira Journal author

Posted: 5 years 1 month ago by Boamund #1891
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noteworthy artist. I mean Xilmordas lives what he does. Can lifestyle be considered as art?
nvm my mumbling :side:
Posted: 5 years 1 month ago by Max #1883
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Xil must be my among favourites as young multidisciplinary artist. Total Respect :evil: