Pish Posh Studio

Pish Posh Studio

In an abandoned factory, under the bridge in an industrial part of town there is a sanctuary of alternative culture.  Many music, painting and art studios have found home here, away from commercial hustle and bustle of the capital.  One of those studios is a bit different than others.

At the end of the long hallway, the graffiti on the door says: Pish Posh Studio. It is the only professional studio for painting miniatures for tabletop games in the country.  Inside a small room packed with figurines, paint, equipment and a big sofa for friends, three guys work tirelessly to keep up with all the commissions.

As avid football fans, they look more like hooligans from the stands then geeks and artists. But these guys are no doubt, awesome artists. They are painting miniature figurines with airbrush, adding details with brushes no thicker than a needle and even building custom parts and effects. That calls for some serious respect.
Happy to greet visitors, this friendly bunch of artsy hooligans, gladly talks about their work, beginnings, techniques and anything else that comes up, from books and movies to football and botanic.

They have met in board game club, painting their own armies out of hobby. Soon they started painting together, taking small commissions from friends and building their name.  As number of commissions grew, so did their need for their own space. Painting in the hobby club, with people playing tabletop games around you, touching figurines and equipment, is just not very efficient.

Finally, they have had enough of distractions and rented the small studio space. They have hit the jackpot. In the same building, a lot of friends have music studios and come to visit, brig beer and energy drinks, chill out and see the miniatures. These connections with musicians and other artists got the Pish Posh Studio in to painting not just miniatures, but also music equipment, cars and doing body paint. Once, a girl even asked them to do her nails. But, tabletop miniatures are the main job, and the one guys like the most.

Given that they live in a small country in East Europe, getting materials and equipment is a bit tricky. But they managed to make figurine painting their full time job and run the studio without the glitch. They even started scoring more and more foreign clients. Similar studios in the rest of Europe have better working conditions, easy ways to get equipment and can ask for much higher prices for same type of work, Pish Posh Studio decided to distinguish themselves with quality work and amazing details.

When the going gets tough and tensions build guys like to paint the walls of their studio, throw ninja stars around or head out for beer and chicken wings or supporting their favorite football team from the stands. Now they also like to hang out and plot world domination with resident geeks from Althemy team.

Jagi Journal author