Johanna Vetis Interview

Johanna Vetis Interview

Some weeks ago, we had a lovely chance to shoot a feature video interview with Johanna Vetis, an alternative model from Belgrade, Serbia.

And what a joy to work with this girl is. She is so incredibly relaxed and joyful, that its actually hard to connect her with Dark Gothic or Victorian / Steampunk modeling she usually does. Yet her work shines with maturity that surpases her young age of 22. In addition to being a Goth model, she is studying to become a social worker focusing on elderly as in her view, no one cares for them today.

Our Althemy team was very delighted to speak to her about her life, her modeling career, future plans etc.

Following is the transcript of the video interview with Johanna:

Interview with Johanna Vetis by Max - Althemy

Tell us something about yourself.
Hiiii, my name is Johanna Vetis. Im an alternative model and I study to become a social worker.

Why social worker?
I wanna help people in need and those left behind. Especially old people, nobody cares for elderly today.

You have a big heart. How does that affect your life?
There are always people who try to take advantage of me; I learned how to avoid them. Only my pets take advantage of me. They are spoiled rotten (giggles)

How many pets do you have?
I have a dog; she is so old and afraid of everything. Poor doggy, I feel for her. And I have two spoiled cats. Few days ago, they tumbled over the garbage bin after I gave them cat food, because they wanted the piece of bread I threw away. And I wasnt even mad at them.
Sometimes I take in strays to feed them and nurse them if they are injured. I once cared for an injured hawk for a while. He even let me pet him once.

How do you manage everything, pets, studies, modeling, and love life?
I have no idea! Honestly. Maybe its because of all the sugar Im taking (giggles)

How did you become a model?
I became a model by pure accident. First time I got all dolled up and had a full Goth outfit on was on my senior prom. So, somebody sent my prom pictures to a photographer and he called me to do a shoot in that outfit. So I did, it was fun.

Tell us more about your modeling career.
I won a pair of colored contact lenses in a game of chance on Facebook. I took some photos with the lenses that I won and the company that imported them suggested sending me different lenses in exchange for photos. That was so cool, I promoted the shit out of them.
Then I did that cool shot for Cybernation Serbia. Promotional material and events, I was on the main event poster.
Then one day Villena Viscaria called me to do a photoshoot for her corsets. And we became friends, she is awesome. Now I participate in most of her projects, which is so much fun. I especially like collaboration shows, all my friends in one place, doing something creative, which is just awesome.
I worked collaboration shows between Villena Viscaria, Sardonyx Lace, Steamladdies Retrofuturistic Accessories and Victoria Poison shop. I also worked BAFE; that was fun. I shocked all the conventional models by constantly eating in super tightly laced corset (giggles).
Most recently I worked on music video for the band Mister No. The shoot was in Sioux club, and it was great.
There was this girl, chasing us with food all the time. I love food (giggles) it annoys me that everybody thinks models dont eat. I do eat alot, and any shoot that has free food for me is a good one (giggles)

Did you get any indecent proposals?
Yes, allot. It happens almost daily, from creeps on facebook sending me weird massages to photographers wanting to do nudes or fetish shoots. And as Im studying to become Social worker, I dont want any nude or fetish shoots in my past. I only do fashion and tasteful art shoots.

What is your dream modeling job?
Something with Kato or Razor Candi, they are my idols. Or maybe something that includes acting, I love acting. That is my favorite hobby since childhood.

Any other hobbies?
Generally, Im lazy (giggles). But I got my English Language diploma and I started learning sewing and patternmaking. I repurposed a few of my dads old shirts and Im quite proud of myself.

What do you do for fun?
I play video games; watch cartoons, waste time on the internet. Im addicted to Internet! And I love Gifs with sounds! That is awesome!

What are your thoughts about being the first official face of Althemy?

You guys are awesome, I feel lucky to work with such crazy people. (Giggles) Honestly, I still dont know what happened to me and what all of this means for my future career, but I like you guys. (Giggles)

And we certainly look forward to promoting and working with this big hearted and talented young lady.

You can check her Althemy site here:

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