10 types of gamers you will encounter

10 types of gamers you will encounter

Gamers can be broken down into various categories based on a plethora of things, from their approach to games in general, to how much time or effort they dedicate to gaming, all the way to what games they play and how they play them. Here are some of the types Ive encountered in my decades long history of gaming.

1. The casual gamer
- These types of gamers are characterized by their approach to gaming which is, well casual. They can be into all kinds of games, whether its something as simple as a mobile game or as complex as a real time strategy, but no matter what games they choose they will always be easy going about playing them. They tend not to take video games too seriously, instead playing them for some light fun when they have nothing better to do. They rarely make schedules or plan their gaming in advance, and they almost never get obsessed and spend more than an hour or two on a gaming session. Because of this fickleness and lack of commitment they often dont finish games and jump from title to title based on their whims. Alternatively, casual gamers can be big fans of the industry, as committed to gaming as their hardcore counterparts just without enough time to indulge in their hobby as much as they would like.

2. The player of casual games - I feel this category needs special mention in order to distinguish it from the casual gamer, a vastly different type of gamer that people have a tendency to equate with casual games. While casual gamers can play any type of game but in a laid-back manner, these gamers exclusively play casual, simple games, usually mobile or browser based, but run the gamut from easy going, to committed, to downright obsessed when it comes to levels of dedication. Whether its halfheartedly playing Farmville while youre browsing facebook or calling your mom at 3 AM so she can fleet save your armada in OGame (true story, a friend of mine actually did this on a semi regular basis) if all you play is games that take up megabytes instead of gigabytes, or no space at all, you fall into this category.

3. The hardcore gamer - This is what most non gamers think of when they say gamer. They think of the overweight neckbeard sitting in a dark room lit only by his computer screen, covered in cheetos dust and surrounded by empty soda cans. While this is an exaggerated cliche, its also not far from the truth. The hardcore gamer doesnt necessarily need to be an expert in the games he plays but he is nothing if not dedicated. These are the types of gamers who spend hours on end glued to their TV or computer screens, the types who plan their schedules around their gaming time and more often than not take their video games very very seriously. Regardless of skill level they are usually very informed about the games they choose to play and pay close attention to what new titles are coming out or are in development. They are the ones that will pre order games, apply for alfa or beta testing, get very emotionally invested in a game before its even out (and consequently lose their minds if said games release date is pushed back). In short, they are the ones who eat, sleep and breathe video games.

4. The midcore gamer
- The term midcore is thrown around on the net and seems to mean different things depending on who you ask. I use it here as a category of gamer between the casual gamer and the hardcore gamer. This category holds a good chunk, if not the majority, of gamers out there. They are the people who might have a great love for the gaming industry and thoroughly enjoy playing video games but are not as single minded as the hardcore gamers. They might plan out their day with a hefty gaming session included but not at the cost of other, perhaps more social, activities. They might spend hours and hours playing on their computer/console but only if a game really gets under their skin or if they have a load of free time, never as their standard modus operandi. They are not as nonchalant as the casual gamer and will take their hobby more seriously, but are also not as zealous as the hardcore gamer and will know when to tap out and focus on something other than video games

5. The professional gamer - A special type of hardcore gamer, the professional gamers takes their gaming as seriously as humanly possible with good reason seeing as how their livelihood depends on it. These are the gamers who play competitively, enter tournaments and sometimes live completely off the prize money they get from those tournaments. They spend insane amounts of time practicing their game of choice and have that stuff down to a science. Personally I would say this level of dedication takes away some of the pure, unadulterated fun of playing video games, but hey, with prizes ranging from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars I wouldnt mind sacrificing a bit of fun.

6. The old school game
r - These nostalgics havent gotten a new video game title ever since that magical time of yore when phones were inexplicably connected to walls for some reason, when TVs and computer screens were perfectly acceptable as cat beds and when blowing on a game cartridge was considered a viable way of troubleshooting. They are often fans of old console or arcade games, and think anything that came out in this millennium is absolute crap. This type of gamer will usually either own an ancient console like an old Atari, Sega or Super Nintendo or they will have a vast collection of games to be played using MAME32 or some other emulator. They can come in hardcore varieties, like the annoying Zelda fanboy who insists that those games ARE THE GREATEST THING EVER CREATED BY HUMAN HANDS EVER!, or they can just be set in their ways and uninterested in experimenting with something that isnt tried and tested while at the same time not being close minded and claiming that everything new is shit.

7. The natural - Most people need to work hard and practice a lot in order to get really good at a game not so for these bastards. These frustratingly talented individuals just seems to have a knack for any game they pick up. Youre the reigning champion of Tekken in your clique? Not for long after the natural takes up the controller. You are a really good Civilization V player and take the time to explain the nuances of the game to your friend who is playing it for the first time? Youll be regretting that if your friend is the natural, just as you will be crying over your lost capital and irradiated landscape scorched by nukes. Most naturals are aware of their talent, embrace it, and play video games frequently, but the most frustrating naturals are the oblivious ones, the ones who are usually casual gamers and spend very little time actually playing but nevertheless own you while annoyingly seeming like they are not even trying.

8. The tryhard - diametrically opposed to the oblivious natural mentioned above, the tryhards talent or lack thereof is nothing compared to his willingness to overanalyze and break down a games mechanics to such an extent that I can imagine his perception of the game only as a string of numbers and stats. This type of gamer (which is very well known to me I have a couple of friends who are just like that) is incredibly capable when it comes to sucking out every last drop of spontaneity, immersion and plain fun from a game. What would be an immersive roleplaying experience where you imagine yourself as a mighty hero slaying monsters and rescuing damsels in distress for anyone else, for the tryhard would be boiled down to a mathematical formula telling you just what to click and when to click it, what specific item to take with what specific stats, what levels to do and in what order and so on. Enjoying the very gameplay of a video game comes secondary to these players, while winning a game is paramount even when said game cannot be won in the traditional sense and the tryhards efforts come down to an endless loop of grinding for better loot and trying to get those precious numbers as high as possible.

9. The cheater - This despicable type of gamer baffles me. While the tryhard does tend to not see the forest for the trees and gets overly focused on getting his numbers up, he at least has the personal satisfaction of knowing he got those numbers up by the sweat of his brow. The cheater has the same motivation of ranking the highest, dealing the most damage or having the most pimped out gear but is more than willing to cheat or exploit loopholes or bugs to achieve that. That is the type of player who will spend hours hacking at an unkillable NPC in order to get his blade skill up, the type who will reload a game a hundred times in order to get just the right reward from a completed quest, the type who will get a game boss stuck in a doorway and spend 45 minutes hacking at his left shin from a cubbyhole the boss cant reach. If the tryhard takes some of the fun out of playing video games by focusing on the wrong thing, the cheater misses the point entirely.

10. The kid
- Before I crap all over this type of gamer Id like to point out that not all kids are like this, and that not all gamers like this are kids. The kid is usually somewhere between 9 and 14 years old and is the worst type of gamer to encounter. They swear constantly... like they found out about curse words just yesterday and are now making up for years and years of neglect. If playing in multiplayer with a kid who is bad at the game in question you will either have a teammate who will blame anything and everything (yourself included) before admitting that he made a mistake, or an opponent who will scream obscenities and call you a cheater or a smurf whenever you best him. If, on the other hand, he is good at the game youve got it even worse. He will either boss you around and blame you for every failed maneuver because you didnt follow his instructions to the letter or, if faced against you, will kick you when youre down every chance he gets, will mercilessly ridicule you no matter your performance and will spew such vitriolic filth that it would make a sailor blush. Like I said in the beginning, not all younger players are like this and while Ive found most players like this to be 10 or 12 year olds, Ive also encountered people pushing 30 or 40 while acting like this.

In the end this is just scratching the surface of the multitude of stereotypes found in the gaming community so defining and listing them all is next to impossible, especially when you consider that almost no gamer would fit into just one of these categories. Most gamers I know would identify with more than one of the types listed above (I know I identify with at least 3) while some are different beasts altogether and just cant be pigeonholed into any of these.

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Posted: 5 years 4 days ago by Surge #2192
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stfu about photo u noob and pay attention to your dota. :angry: are you some kind of woman league agent?

My opinion is that girls cant do the same stuff and moves like boys.
It has something to do with reflexes .
I am not chauvinist but every time a girl steped into circle of gamers, some strange schism occurs.
Teams are falling apart, everyone is trying to seduce gamer chicks etc.

Its simply a jinx to have a skirt in your team. thats all :P
Posted: 5 years 1 week ago by Lumpenstinzkin #2152
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Without any need of generalisation or categories i decline this brute classification.
The real gamers can allways sniff so many grades of ingame insanity between 4&3 on this list.

btw, that incriminating photo of blog happened to my crew on small DOTA tournament. The enemy was deliberately called "girl support", not knowing that soon after they arrive, girls were cheering for us after they realised that all that petting was futile :lol:

Job well done on description of many noobish issues here ;)