Origins a.k.a Introduction

Origins a.k.a Introduction

Althemy - CyberCity was first created in 2003rd, as a popular forum centered on alternative lifestyle subjects. These topics varied from astrology, over spiritualism, sex, new age to occult. All the current team members were also active members on the forum, vividly participating in discussions across all these topics.
The forum thrived for many years and gathered many followers, until it was shut down in 2007th for technical reasons.
Internet had changed a lot in the meantime, with Facebook becoming a new reality that completely altered the way how we communicate and interact with people and how we conceive interaction. There also came the mobile-craze - everything HAS to be mobile-ready and adjusted toward superficial skimming through, beconning the era of bombastic, attention-catching titles and sensationalism. Peoples attention became very hard to catch and even harder to keep.
Aion and I have been working in Web Hosting, Web Design and Internet Marketing for many years and carefully observed the new trends and tendencies.
One thing stood out the most and caught our attention websites of our clients who were using our hosting services, as by some unwritten rule, remained completely unfrequented, with occasional or no visitors. Search engine optimization, if done properly, is very expensive and remained unaffordable for most, especially for those who have just ventured to the Internet in a hope of presenting their business to a larger audience.
It also meant death of most artistic and unprofitable websites that were centered on peoples passions, hobbies, artistic creations and lifestyles. You will probably remember that most of those had been gathered on free hosting platforms (Geocities and Angelfire being the most popular ones), until discontinuation of their services.

Most of those websites have switched to using free Web2 services such as Blogger, Wordpress, Tumblr, which come with many limitations. Audience on these websites is random, scarce and far from being targeted.
That is when we came up with an idea to revamp Althemy - CyberCity and make it possible for everyone to have a website about what they love for free and easily find audience for it.

Althemy - CyberCity has always been about art, underground and alternative lifestyles and choices. We know from our own experience that people who are interested in say Goth culture will also be drawn to hand-made jewelry, dark poetry, magic, tattoos, specific forms of art and music. Although multi-faceted, all of these are mutually interlinked and inseparable parts of one alternative whole. Alternative to mainstream in art, music, design, fashion, way of thinking and way of living life.

Now what this has to do with free websites and visitors?

It is simple. If you have a website about Steampunk, it will be frequented by other website owners who have websites about or are interested in hand-made jewelry, cosplaying, tattoos, poetry etc.
How can we know it for sure? Well, there is no magic wand that can make a crappy site popular and visited. But if you made an effort to make your website worthy visiting, you can almost certainly count on visitors. By visiting, contributing content and interacting on websites that are interesting to them, Althemy - CyberCity members earn virtual currency. That virtual currency enables them to obtain and maintain their own websites for free, in exchange for some of their time.  It means that you will not only have visitors but also contributors, who will write meaningful comments to your blog posts, upload relevant photos and videos to your gallery (if so you allow) and participate in your forums discussions. For that contribution to your website, Althemy - CyberCity awards them with virtual currency - tokens. But its up to you to make your website worthy visiting, as people can choose where they will earn tokens. They will certainly not bother with your website if you havent done anything to make it worth their while.
Althemy - CyberCity has a portal on which people can monitor latest actions on those websites they decided to join. They can see newest websites across all alternative categories and they can see most popular websites (those who have most members and are most active).
So to give your website a chance to get visitors, all you need to do is make it relevant (make it fit in one of our promoted categories) and work on your website by frequently updating it with interesting blog posts, photos and videos.
Also, dont be a stranger, visit other web+sites that are interesting to you and contribute some content to them. High chances are their webmasters will return the favor.
Vannkira Journal author