Office Hours

Office Hours

Even though the offical Althemy headquarters are located in Sofia, Bulgaria, unofficially our team spends their working hours in one cute little office at the Roof in Belgrade.

Upon our return from Sofia we worked hard on recruiting in January. Our efforts were awarded and in late January we have finally expanded our team, which now includes Veljko (Vex) Petrovic a php developer, Ivana Jokic programmer and Dragana (Jazzy) Novakovic a marketing assistant.

This means that our team already has  7 people working full time! Even though confined within a smallish office space, our working environment is very dynamic and inspirational. One of the major benefits that we enjoy is because we are members of Potkrovlje Hub. Co-working office concept makes it very easy  to ask for and get help if stuck from fellow startups. Also, there are experienced designer and programming  teams who are also renting their offices at the Roof and are ready to help.  As members of the Roof, we have free access to startup meet-ups, workshops and various events organized by SEE ICT.

Co-working offices at the Roof offer best of both worlds easy networking  and collaboration opportunities, but also the confinement of our own 4 walls whenever our team needs some privacy to work on the tasks at hand.

Althemy office hours are a bit odd, but those are the hours when our team is most productive from 12 pm onward. When on creative spree, we often stay very late at the office, so Althemy team leaving their workplace around midnight  is never a rare sight.

Vannkira Journal author