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6 Types of Bad Tattoos

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What are the worst tattoos out there? Well, while I could spend hours on end deconstructing and going over each glorious disasterpiece with the morbid fascination of a person watching a car crash in slow motion there are just way too many of those and I ...

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  • Tenshi
  • Kali Noir Diamond
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  • Xilmordas
  • Lilith Vanderstorme
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  • Necrinity
  • Silky
  • Prosperity's end

Face of Althemy for February 2017 is lovely Silky, an alternative model from Portugal. Although she is most drawn toward Gothic style, in her photoshoots she also experiments with Fantasy and Gothabilly themes. What sets her apart from other alternative models, is her trademark smile. You can check Silky's work @ .

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