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6 Types of Bad Tattoos

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What are the worst tattoos out there? Well, while I could spend hours on end deconstructing and going over each glorious disasterpiece with the morbid fascination of a person watching a car crash in slow motion there are just way too many of those and I ...

  • Ferasha Cosplay
  • Tenshi
  • Kali Noir Diamond
  • Drusilla de Mort
  • Obsidian Kerttu
  • Xilmordas
  • Kalithea Alternative Accessories
  • Necrinity
  • Prosperity's end
  • Silky
  • The Red Queen

We are beginning the New Year with lovely Murderous Maria as a Face of Althemy for January 2017. She is a versatile artist that expresses herself through a wide range of different projects - from cosplay, photo-shoots and promotional gigs to expos, catalogs and music videos. Check some of her work on her site -

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