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Let's talk about sex! (in books)

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I have recently noticed a trend floating around avid readers and book critics, usually female ones. They start listing things they hate about romance novels and one of the points that I constantly encounter with every one of these people is that they hate unrealistic se...

  • Ferasha Cosplay
  • Tenshi
  • Drusilla de Mort
  • Kali Noir Diamond
  • Lilith Vanderstorme
  • Xilmordas
  • Obsidian Kerttu
  • Silky
  • Kalithea Alternative Accessories
  • Necrinity
  • Prosperity's end

Face of Althemy for April 2017 is lovely Lilith Vanderstorme, an artist forever inspired by Steampunk and Fantasy, model and owner of 'Darkashter'- a brand behind her Photography and Digital artwork. Make sure to check the work of this talented lady on her site: .

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