In 2 Eleven

In 2 Eleven

Althemy (CyberCity) joined Eleven in a 7th batch of startups that Eleven invested in and the program lasted from the 1st September to the beginning of December.

The program started with the few days of team building spent in beautiful Bansko, when we got to know better not only the fellow startups from our batch, but also our investors.

By the time we got back to Sofia, our company was formed and investment from Eleven lying on our companys account.
The program that Eleven prepared for us upon our return to Sofia was very intensive and very varied.

It consisted of Creative Shower program and workshops that covered a widest range of IT subjects from legal, over UX, design to marketing and fundraising.

Particularly valuable was Elevens rich network of connections that they put at our disposal during specially designed mentoring sessions, which sometimes included meetings and working with 5-6 new mentors per day!

It was more than useful, as it gave us a unique chance to hear some world-class experts talking about their subjects and get one-on-one feedback about our startup which aspects needed further improvement, what resources would help in the process and which  were the best steps to start with.

The last months program in Eleven was focused on pitch practices and working on the product in order to best prepare for the Demo Day in December.

When talking about Eleven and their program, special thanks go to our investors Dilyan Dimitrov, Ivaylo Simov and Daniel Tomov. They were not only investors, but above all - invaluable mentors and partners one startup could only wish for. Without their commitment, effort to pass on their knowledge and bond they made with each of the startups, it wouldnt be the same.

Vannkira Journal author