Mini Seedcamp event in Belgrade

Mini Seedcamp event in Belgrade

Seedcamp held its Mini Seedcamp event in Belgrade on May the 18th. We applied with CyberCity via Angel list, but werent admitted to the narrow selection. Still, thanks to the personal recommendation from Vukasin Stojkov, founder of TruckTrack, we were given a chance to present our project. Firstly in front of Carlos Eduardo Espinal, who has himself lead pitch preparations with the selected teams, and then on the Event itself.

During the preparation day, Carlos never ceased to amaze us all with his brilliant feedbacks, giving each team numerous invaluable suggestions. They were mainly concerning value propositions and the things they should focus on, what their shortcommings and what their strengths were.
We were more than happy with the feedback Carlos gave us about CyberCity and basically confirmed that the idea we first started with when we joined Startup Academy, was worth pursuing.

He strongly advised us to emphasise our originality as a team and our affiliation with alternative lifestyles. He aslo suggested that we grab the bull by its horns and go ambitious confronting the problem that we solve as a platform that can unite alternative lifestyles together and enable them to interact among each other.
We will definitely take that advice.

Vannkira Journal author