Wiccana DevIanthe - Interview

Wiccana DevIanthe - Interview

Althemy has a great pleasure to introduce a Face of Althemy for the month of June - Wiccana DevIanthe ! This amazingly talented, positive and inspiring girl is one of the alternative community leaders in Serbia, always among the first to embrace challenges and demonstrates the best that alternative scene has to offer.

Wiccana is a very successful event organizer, crafter, cosplayer, alternative model and owns her own clothing line Ianthe and jewelry design brand After Hours.

We had a small chat with Wiccana where she talks about alternative community in Serbia, what drives her forward and motivates her to come out as a leader in so many endeavors.

Following is the transcript of the video interview with Wiccana:

Interview with Wiccana Dev Ianthe by Max Althemy.

We have a pleasure to introduce Wiccana DevIanthe, gothic and steampunk crafter, performer, cosplayer and community leader. Out of all these mentioned, who is the real you?

Good question. Well, I would say - everything, all of them, that's me. I can't measure myself separated or without any of those things. So I'd say everything, yeah. I've grown up in a goth family, my parents are goths, so that's sort of my lifestyle. And if I like fashion of course it's obvious I'm gonna be in gothic. And when I make gothic things that's who really I am. But also, making costumes and being a cosplayer lets me express myself in some kind .. maybe on other way let's say... and as a performer I can use all those costumes and then of course be really amazing on the stage.

So what inspired you to do all of this?

You know, when you belong to some kind of subculture as a Goth or Steampunk or Cosplayer, you really want to see that subculture growing. So maybe that's the thing that motivates me the most. Being a part of some sort of community and trying to do something of importance for that subculture. So it's not about money, it's not about fame because this is something that I love and I really want to invest in something that I love. For example other cosplayers inspired me to make new things, to try new things, to try new techniques. So if some girl in Germany, I don't know, managed to make Kerrigan, maybe I can do that also. I love that character, I love that game so let's try it. I want that people see Kerrigan in real life, take a picture with real Kerrigan. If I see that some girl in some third world country made something and that looks amazing, than yeah, I should do that, I should try, I should do my best to make something great.

Is there anything that could maybe stop you from doing this what you do and from engaging yourself in all these lifestyles?

No. Because that would mean that I would give up of myself. Really, giving up of any..  even any project would mean that I give up my dreams.. and I'm never gonna do this.

Wiccana, considering the fact that you're not living in big hubs like London and San Francisco.. you're still actively participating in all those events. How do you manage to deal with everything, to tackle all those things, considering the fact that you're actually coming from a small country like Serbia. Is there any kind of trick that you're doing or...?

Well, nowadays you have to promote yourself. For example in Serbia, maybe that's easier because we are small community so it's easier to present to a smaller amount of people what you do. I don't know, fashion shows, gothic events, Facebook pages, Instagram and stuff like that.

Before social networks you were actually physically present on each of those events in order to be promoted. With social networks, what's changed?

I still have to be physically present but I also have to be present online. It takes time. Social networks are great, but they lack focus so I manage to present my work to many people, but not necessarily they are engaged with. They are interested in it, but not engaged with.

That's where Althemy comes in, right?

Yeah, that's something we've really been waiting for a long time so.. It's made by people like us for people like us.

Well I guess I'll see you on Althemy. And you guys too!

And we are more than happy to host Wiccana's site on Althemy. Read more about her amazing work at !

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