Interview with Okkido Cosplay

Interview with Okkido Cosplay

The face of Althemy for the month of December is incredibly talented Okkido, a cosplayer and gothic model from Hungary who has gathered much attention with her amazing costumery and detailed handicraft. She is known for cosplaying numerous characters across many fandoms, but also specifically for her state of the art Warhammer 40.000 armors.


Following is the transcript of the video interview with Okkido, where she talks about the meaning of cosplay in her life, and her true gothic lifestyle.

Interview with Okkido Cosplay


How much time, effort and dedication does it take to make one of your creations?

First of all, thank you for inviting me for this. I think I’m the slowest cosplay creator in the world because I need half a year to complete something, but mostly when I do something complicated, something more detailed I need a few more months. And sometimes it takes more than a year, so yes but, you know, cosplay is not about being at the all conventions actually… or the time you cosplay, but about other stuff, expression, and learning, because, for me cosplay is about constant improvement, learning and training techniques, getting better and better, getting always back to what you’ve done before, and that’s why I’m really into details, showing everything you can and doing everything quite neatly to perfect.

You’re also a gothic model. Can you say which you prefer, modelling or cosplaying?

It’s a hard question, because gothic subculture is a part of my personality, my everyday life, how I see the world around, myself, so, it’s really about my self-expression, showing myself on the inside… and cosplay is pure hobby, and pure fun, and, you know, doing something creative… I don’t know which is more important, gothic modelling is my real self, and, cosplay is something… well, everybody does cosplay, as for me, as I said, it’s about constant improvement, so, I couldn’t compare them…

You’re also gonna be the face of Althemy for the month of December, and, it’s your birthday in December, do you have any thoughts on that?

Well, first of all, thank you, again, for everything, it’s a very big thing for me, December is my favorite month, not only because of my birthday, I’m a winter child, so, I always expect this month, and, as for Althemy, this is a really, really good possibility for all the people, alternative people, to meet, socialize, to share their stuff, because usually these people are super creative… In a way there is never too much... Yes, they always have something to share with the community, so yes, it’s a really really great place to be, and I’m really proud to be one of the first members here, and I really appreciate the possibility to be the face of December, so thank you again.

You’re welcome, it’s our honor. Lastly, for the end, do you have any messages for the fans?

I’m really thankful to them, I can always say thank you for following me for all these years in cosplay, since 2010, and, I have gathered lots of people who are interested in what I do, Alice: Madness Returns and 40k fans, so, thank you for following me, thank you for sharing my passion, and I hope there are more of you out there.

It’s been a true honor and a personal pleasure, thank you for joining us and taking your time to talk to us, hopefully we’ll do more of these in the future.

I thank you for the possibility and the opportunity.

Vannkira Journal author