Interview with the band 'Eleine'

Interview with the band 'Eleine'

Seductive, style and monumental, these are the three words that describe the band Eleine, whose lead singer Madeleine is the official face of Althemy for the month of January 2016, and we are talking with Madeleine and Rikard, the lead guitar player and song writer together with Madeleine for this band, so you can check out interview with them and its transcript right below.

Interview with Madeleine and Rickard of "Eleine"

A: The first question is for Madeleine, do you see yourself more as a model who became musician, or a musician who became a model, do you see yourself just as an artist that combines the two?

E: Well, it's both. I've always thought that modelling and music goes hand in hand, it's like being creative in a way, so, for me it's never been just a model or just a musician. It's always been both.

A: Symphonic singing is not exactly the easiest style, did you have a formal training as a singer to learn how to use the vocal techniques?

E: Yeah, I've been to a vocal coach since I was eight years old. Once a week, perhaps... until I was like, twenty. And since then, perhaps, one per month.

A: What are the predominant themes in the lyrics for your songs, what are the songs about and where do you find the inspiration for themes that you use?

R: Well, when we write the lyrics, it's often about how people easily get seduced by false promises, like, from religion, or within politics, and, with the sound, we get our inspiration from all kinds of places, you know, like, the early kinds of metal, to the middle eastern sound, I mean, everything there in between as well.

A: When you're writing a song, do you start from the lyrics, or do you write the lyrics to the music, and when you write the music, do you already have the idea of how symphonic it is gonna get, do you start from the symphony and move to the metal or do you start with metal riffs and see what is gonna happen there?

E: We're never doing it the same way, you know, Rickard, he writes most of the lyrics, sometimes we start with that, sometimes we start with just a piano, or just a melody, depends. Never the same way.

A: How do you define your genre then?

R: We define it as symphonic metal with a dash of black metal.

A: So, that would be like, Satyricon meets Freddy Mercury?

R: Yeah, it's frikkin cool, yeah, sure *laughter* no problem.

A: Beside the music, of course, and influences we just talked about, do you have any hobbies and things that you do, physically, that inspire you further in creating music and give you more ideas?

E: To me it's the modelling as well... and, when we're photographed, and, it's often me and Rickard, but also we're working with other photographers, and you know, creating a picture like that gives you a lot of ideas, for lyrics, and just melodies, it doesn't matter, and... also a lot of movies.

R: Yeah, we watch a lot of movies, and, I play a lot, a lot... a lot of video games.

A: What do you play?

R: I play a lot of videogames. *laughter*

A: Yeah, what?

R: Games like Modern Warfare 3 on the Xbox 360 and, Asura's Wrath, I also play a lot of NES, and SNES and Nintendo 64 and they're on .

A: Oooooh, a lot of old stuff, cool. Eleine, do you play the games also?

E: I've been playing more before, I like games like Assassin's Creed, for me that is a huge inspiration.

A: Tell me something else. Do you guys, before you go on stage, do you get scared, I mean like, shit your pants, before you go on stage?

R: I never shit my pants. *laughter*

A: Did you pee yourself?

R: Yes. *laughter* No.

E: We're being just a little bit nervous, you know, it's always fine.

R: Peeing just a little bit!

E: A little bit.

R: Well, we get more excited when we walk out on stage, because we're in a mindset where we are going to deliver a show, you know, it's never that we're "Oh my God, there's so many people out here!" We're more like "Yeah, fuck yeah, there's so many people!!"... a lot better than "Fuck, there's no one!!!"... "I'm gonna pee!!"

A: How do you sing when you're wearing a corset, I mean, how do you breathe?

E&R: Well...

E: Well... On our live shows, I never wear a corset. I wear this bra with a lot of coins, it's very tribal goth, I don't know if I've uploaded some pictures of it, but it's very beautiful.

A: So guys, what can we expect from you, in 2016. What's the new stuff that's coming up?

R: Well, we're aiming for a lot of video shoots, and, upping the quality of the sound, with new mics, and, short videos we're recording right now as we speak in the studio, we're working on new material, and we hope to realease some of the new material during the year, and also we're booking shows at the moment, and searching for, like, tours...

A: How do you book? Do you do the booking yourself, or you have an agency, a manager or something?

E: Ourself, along with our manager at the moment, he's doing a lot of booking parts as well. But we're working on it together, so...
And, a lot of photoshoots as well!

R: A lot of photoshoots, yeah yeah yeah! We've got a lot of shit coming towards ya!

Alright guys, that was it, for you who are watching, if you like these two lovely people, come and join them at, where you can write to them, talk with them, and have interactions, also join our forums, because there's plenty of discussions going on there, in a goth and alternative scene that you're going to absolutely love. And, check out their Psycho Profile!

Vannkira Journal author

Posted: 5 years 2 months ago by Max #1956
Max's Avatar
After relentless purge of votes for the past few weeks, Eleine was standing strong
with Sweden Rock Festival rating and voting.
Yesterday, information was published that they didnt get into the final selection of festival performers.
Well, they dont need to when the kick ass fan base that follows them worldwide have proved to be huge and loyal.

Beside many fan videos they uploaded, my favourite Eleine response was a post they put on facebook today where anyone that voted past few days could tag itself and show their true sympathy for them.
Thats something many other bands are afraid to handle. But not Eleine. That's RAD! :evil:

We fought like hell and did it with our heads held high!
Unfortunately we did not make it all the way this year in Sweden Rock's Band Competition.
Congratulations to the winners and thank YOU, our fans, so much for your support.
We truly love you all
Posted: 5 years 3 months ago by Aionor #1842
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You guys are awesome!