Pitch preparations

Pitch preparations

Working on Althemy - CyberCity presentation was a challenge for itself and something that definitely deserves a separate blog post. In our first month at Startup Academy, we started with some idea about how CyberCity pitch should look like, but in reality, it was terrible. We knew that our startup was complex, but it was fascinating how we kept failing to explain it properly to our audience.

About that time, in December 2013, Alex Jagi joined our team on Startup Academy and now there were four of us working on our presentation every weekend. Alex was an excellent pitcher, everyone was giving him that, but every time we were receiving different feedbacks, which made us question and consequently change our whole approach again and again every other weekend.
Here is an example of one of our old pitching versions:

Althemy - CyberCity Startap Akademija from Althemy - CyberCity on Vimeo.

Among all these people, there were a special few, whom wed like to mention here, as their advices really set some significant cornerstones in our pitch development.

Firstly, special thanks go to Ivan Kovacevic, our Academy professor, who was the first one to give us a great advice. We werent sure how to approach market size in our pitch, as in our case it is very complex, so Ivan suggested that we simply give an estimation how and when we can expect to earn our first million dollars.

Secondly, special thanks go to Data Maid team Ket Popovic, a pitching champion of sorts, who helped us define and shape each and every slide and Igor Bozovic, who gave us awesome suggestions regarding the design and image of Althemy - CyberCity.

Next special thanks go to Ivan Vesic from Vet Cloud, who helped us finally tackle our actual market size and market value. Without his help we probably still wouldnt be able to illustrate how big our market size is.

And finally, special thanks go to Alex Covic, our Academy professor, who was with us throughout many months of the whole shapeshifiting process and who also contributed with many useful advices.

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