Interview with Shiraline Jones

Interview with Shiraline Jones

The face of Althemy for the month of July is Shiraline Jones, fun and charismatic owner of Victoria Poison Shop, in Belgrade. This girl knows how to make a woman happy, by offering the coolest goth collection you can find in her shop! We had a great pleasure to hear a story about how one cat can be a crucial motivator in making big life decisions and tips on what to wear if you want to stand out.

Following is the transcript of the video interview with Shiraline:

Interview with Shiraline Jones by Jazzy - Althemy

How did Victoria Poison came to be and where did you find the guts to start this kind of business in Serbia?

Well, it all started with a story about the super rear bloody moon. Last year it appeared for about three times, So our cat Lilly told us that it was great opportunity to do something with our lives and dreams. We had no reason not to believe her, so we jumped into it and started this!

What are the most popular items in your shop?

The shoes and the boots, of course! Especially the chunky ones, for the short girls, or when you want to go out and show that youre a badass. There are also cozy ones, specially designed for festivals and concerts, or super sexy Dita style ones. Girls who do pole dancing are looking for shoes with 17 or 20 cm high heels, and they can find them in our shop. There are also models you can wear every day, something like gothic-lolita or Victorian style. Bags are also very popular, as well as jewellery. At the moment, we are focused on steampunk styled jewellery, or romantic-gothic styled ones. We love colors, so we always pick jewellery that is not all black and that will stand out from all-black clothes.

Who is your typical customer?

Definitely not the people who want to fit in, but the people who want to stand out, to be noticed, who are not afraid to go out and show themselves to the world. Those are people who can wear dresses with bats and crosses, or steampunk styled clothes.

It sound like theres not many people of that kind. How big is actually the scene youre selling to?

Well, its pretty small, but were trying to expand it, by showing people that there are different things and that they dont have to wear what everybody else wears. Even when were buying items for our shop, we are trying not to have more than two or three items of the same kind. We want to show people that they have a choice.

What are the plans for the future?

We have a lot of plans for expansion in different ways. Probably you will be able to see our own brand soon. First, we will start with some small items, and then we will expend to some bigger things. We love cooperating with other designers and artists from our community, so we have plans for that, too.

You are official Face of Althemy for the month of July. What do you have to say about that?

I am very happy to work with you guys! (Giggles) Althemy brings a great opportunity for alternative people from our small community to get together and show their talents, so Im really happy to be a part of it!

Thank you very much for the interview, it was super fun!

Vannkira Journal author