Interview with Katrin Lanfire


Face of Althemy for August 2017 is - beautiful Katrin Lanfire, an alternative model and artist from Ukraine, currently residing in Germany. Apart from her immaculate makeup art and styling that dominate in all her photo-shoots, Katrin is also known as one of the designers of headdresses and accessories for MyWitchery line. She expertly combines dark images, various clothes, accessories and jewelry to create the perfect look. In this interview, Katrin reveals many things her fans would like to know about her.


Interview with the band 'Eleine'

Seductive, style and monumental, these are the three words that describe the band Eleine, whose lead singer Madeleine is the official face of Althemy for the month of January 2016, and we are talking with Madeleine and Rikard, the lead guitar player and song writer together with Madeleine for this band, so you can check out interview with them and its transcript right below.


Interview with Okkido Cosplay

The face of Althemy for the month of December is incredibly talented Okkido, a cosplayer and gothic model from Hungary who has gathered much attention with her amazing costumery and detailed handicraft. She is known for cosplaying numerous characters across many fandoms, but also specifically for her state of the art Warhammer 40.000 armors.


Interview with Obsidian Kerttu

Recently, we had the opportunity to welcome wonderful Obsidian Kerttu here at Althemy for an interview. This beautiful and immensely talented girl is well versed in styling and modelling. She shows her artistic side through every aspect of her rich modelling career across many styles, paying attention to every detail, from styling her own apparel, to choosing the best photographers to immortalize her work.


One on one with Xilmordas

This months Face of Althemy is Xilmordas, an intriguing and talented model, video producer and photographer from Sweden. Even though his appearance is quite dark and mysterious, somewhat spooky, he is actually one very chatty and warm person, who talked about his alternative roots and childhood influences, as well as about his creative processes and future plans.


Interview with Ferasha Cosplay

Althemy team had a great pleasure to talk with Ferasha, a multi-talented cosplayer, festival organizer and Japanese culture promoter, from Belgrade. This charismatic girl managed to build and maintain a cosplay society in Serbia, that havent existed before. Her energy is vast, just like her intellect and education. Talking to her was very inspiring for the Althemy team, who made her Face of Althemy, for the month of August.


Interview with Shiraline Jones

The face of Althemy for the month of July is Shiraline Jones, fun and charismatic owner of Victoria Poison Shop, in Belgrade. This girl knows how to make a woman happy, by offering the coolest goth collection you can find in her shop! We had a great pleasure to hear a story about how one cat can be a crucial motivator in making big life decisions and tips on what to wear if you want to stand out.


Wiccana DevIanthe - Interview

Althemy has a great pleasure to introduce a Face of Althemy for the month of June - Wiccana DevIanthe ! This amazingly talented, positive and inspiring girl is one of the alternative community leaders in Serbia, always among the first to embrace challenges and demonstrates the best that alternative scene has to offer.


Johanna Vetis Interview

Some weeks ago, we had a lovely chance to shoot a feature video interview with Johanna Vetis, an alternative model from Belgrade, Serbia.