Japanizam 2015 in Belgrade - Recap

Japanizam 2015 in Belgrade - Recap

In the period from 2nd to 5th July, Belgrade Youth Center hosted one of the biggest alternative subculture events Japanizam. This huge event, organized by Sakurabana with the help from Belgrade Youth Center and Japanese Embassy, promotes Japanese pop-culture, anime, cosplay, manga, games and all things geeky.

The main theme of this years Japanizam was Yokai, a Japanese term for ghosts, phantoms, boogeymen and other scary mythological creatures from Japanese folklore, which are strongly as ever present in modern horror stories, movies, anime and other Japanese pop-culture products.
Althemy team was there all four days and attended most of the repertoire that Sakurabana had prepared. As their vice-president Isidora Vlasak pointed out, this years Japanizam was the first in the Events history that had the whole venue at its disposal. On each of the three floors, visitors could attend the program they were interested in the most.

The main program was held in the main cinema hall. This hall was reserved for the grand opening ceremony where fashion designers inspired by Japanese culture presented their work and for the lectures from reputable foreign guests, big names from the cosplay scene. They were: Elffi from Finland - one of the most known male cosplayers who talked about the challenges that  men face in todays cosplay and gave some very useful advices to aspiring beginners; Okkido from Hungary a talented girl who won awards at various cosplay competitions three years in a row, who talked about crafting skills needed to make a complex armor, and Calssara a talented German cosplayer who gave a lecture about dangers that lure on the Internet and difficulties that young cosplayers face within their families. Finally, there was Dora Somova, a reputable movie-prop artist from Bulgaria, who has big releases such as 300 The Empire, The Expendables, The Way Back, Undisputed and many others under her belt. For our Japanizam visitors, Dora prepared a lecture about the skill of wearing Kimono and various traditional Japanese garments.

The main hall was also used for the big cosplay competition and the closing ceremony, where the winner was Andrea Milanovic in her amazing  Saint Celestine costume, from Warhammer40k.

The other floors of the venue were reserved for various workshops, games and interactive content where the visitors could actively participate and find refreshment at the venues Tavern.

One of the convention parts that always receives great attention from both participants and visitors alike, was Artist Alley where many talented alternative crafters and artists had their booths with their crafts displayed and available for sale. We are happy to mention those who have their sites on Althemy platform Wiccana Dev-Ianthe, Shiraline Jones, Wendy Sukarni and Danny Kovacevic. Orisor, our most famous cosplay team also had their booth where their fans could purchase an autographed drawing, a poster or take a photo with their favorite group-member.

Lastly, as pictures are worth thousand words, check out the photos that Max managed to take at the event, hoping to capture the wonderful atmosphere and enthusiasm that ruled all over the place.

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The fact that youngsters are express their creativity in any way is good enough to be staged into some festival.
Followers of Otaku are especially extrovertive so it helps them to spread their knowledge, whereever they thread.

Few of thos e gatherings were busted here In Zurich, on point of 'lack of interest' .
I was a little bit depro afterwards.
Support that creative herd :woohoo: