Eleven demo day

Eleven demo day


Holy Hell this was exciting and fun time! We returned to Sofia to participate in a largest yet Demo Day event Eleven organized so far. Joined by our Eleven Alumni brothers and sisters in arms, we pitched, and talked and partied from early morning until...    well...  early morning :)

We arrived two days earlier for a meet and greet with the guys from Eleven and a couple of mentors who wanted to check our pitch and make sure we were ready for the big stage.

The whole shebang was happening at the Sofia Grand Hotel, right across Elevens offices, and the pitch trials took place there too. We were graced by an opportunity to be trained by professional actors and director, and after a few runs and some minor changes, the pitch was ready to shine.

We spent the following day running through some administration stuff, enjoying Sushi and practicing the pitch, and in the evening locked ourselves in Dextrophobia Room - an real life escape game - to blow some steam and relax...  and that was just what the crew needed. It was phenomenal.

Once we managed to escape from there, it was pizza, beer and ribs time. With bellies stuffed to brim we hit the pillows ready for the Eleven Demo Day.

And it arrived, as mornings usually do. The place was packed with people. Startups, Investors, TV and photo crews practically took over the hotel. And the guys took good care of us with hectoliters of coffee - a much needed beverage at that point - thank you very much.

Danny form Eleven opened the whole ceremony, followed by a couple of interesting presentations of new technology, new developments in theory of startups etc...  But the main event were the pitched of Elevens batch 7 Startups.

I pitched for us, as usually, and the audience was great. They laughed where we hoped they would, and received the whole idea of Althemy wholeheartedly. In fact they liked it so much that it took us some three hours after the pitches were over to finally take a break from talking to everyone and run for bite to eat.

In the meantime, the show moved from Sofia Grand to Elevens offices where a plethora of mentors and startups gave short presentations and lectures on different aspects of running a startup, raising an investment and managing ones time and resources in early stages.

Simply put - there was a lot of talk by those who walk.

One of the coolest parts in startup life is how many smart people you can meet and talk to. It's even better when you get to party with them, and Eleven is not shy from a good party. Once the official part of the program was over, we've split to get ready for that nights party.

Now corporate parties can be a drag... this one wasn't. I won't go into details here, but let just say that involved high amounts of liquid fuel, an enormous dance floor where people actually danced and a somewhat peculiar episode of yours truly running after a mobile strip-club bus.

All in all we had loads of fun with everyone there, and made our way home feeling charged and encouraged for new tasks and challenges.

Is there something we didn't like? Yes there is!  We need Eleven Demo Days more often!

Jagi Journal author