Althemy - CyberCity @ Startup Academy

Althemy - CyberCity @ Startup Academy

We have started working on the idea CyberCity with the funding help of our angel Predrag Kovacevic, but we felt like something important was missing. For this particular project to succeed, we needed to get out of the building, create a network of people around it, who would participate each on his own way.

It was about that time that we came across an article in a local monthly magazine World of Computers that explained everything one would ever want to know about startups and how a typical startup journey looks like. Needless to say, we recognized ourselves immediately. We started digging more about the whole startup scene and soon found out that there was a local school for entrepreneurs in Belgrade - Startup Academy. This school supposedly helped people to shape their idea, find out for themselves if it has any perspective and pitch it to investors if it does. This sounded perfect, just what we were looking for.

We tried to enroll for the first generation of Startup Academy, and there we met our first disappointment. We werent selected and couldnt join. Still, we continued working on our project and attending all the events that SEEICT, an organization behind Startup Academy was hosting. On these events we heard a lot and learned a lot from a number of entrepreneurs and startup founders who were kind enough to share their success/failure stories.

When Startup Academy opened its doors for the second generation of students, we were ready. We applied and were selected! Startup Academy was the secret ingredient that we needed and were looking for. From that moment on, CyberCitys path took an upward trajectory.

Even though we based our startup on first hand experience with our clients from web hosting and web design business, there were so many new things to learn and implement. Lean concept was one of them importance of constant communication with prospects and validating assumptions, customer development, how to use lean canvas, what is an MVP and why it is important, how to properly use metrics in your startup, how to pitch your idea to investors and so much more.
Speaking of investors, we were introduced to a really impressive number of both angel and VC investors and mentors who gave us highly valuable feedback and helped us polish our idea (and pitch).

At the academy we met and worked with about 30 awesome young people who were also developing their own startups. By the end of the academy, only 5 startups remained working on the same idea they enrolled with, one of which was CyberCity.

The team behind Startup Academy, to whom go all credits, is: Vladimir Trkulja, Ivan Aksentijevic, Alex Covic and Ivan Kovacevic. Many thanks to you guys!

Vannkira Journal author