Graduation Day

Graduation Day

You're never too old to learn, and you are certainly never too old to graduate - and feel Super Happy about it. On 18th of May 2014, our team officially graduated in the class of 2013/2014 of StartUp Academy.

We, as both team and individuals, love learning new things, and we love being independent business owners. So it seems like both fun and useful idea to embark onto this adventure and join StartUp Academy in Belgrade, to learn how this whole Start Up story works.

Now, considering that we've been running our business(es) for quite a while now, it was a shared sentiment that we will just breeze through the whole thing, as we know how the whole thing works. But the reality was somewhat different.

The Start Up approach to business is unlike any other model we have ever encountered, it had nothing to do with established norms of company management and planning, and it truly challenged many of our concept s and ideas in regards to creation of Althemy.

Fortunately, just by being at Start Up Academy we were able to crystallize our vision and modify our approach. Constant talks and guidance from Academy mentors helped us sort out our priorities, and structure Althemy into a more helpful and compact concept.

But it wasn't just the theory that gave us value - the practical part of weekly pitching, practicing and changing of the presentations - gave as massive insight into our own product. It taught us how to present it better for both investors and our clients, but most importantly it taught us how to focus less on features and more on core needs of our community.

It wasn't easy. 

We felt misunderstood at times - but in fact we just had to learn to explain it better. 
We felt overworked at times - but in fact we were just training to what real work is once your startup begins to grow.
We felt that we knew some things better or that they didn't apply to us - but in fact, once we understood those concept, we truly began to grow and understand our path

Could we have done all this without the academy - probably yes, but it would have taken loads of time, and a lot of stamina to learn from a myriad of mistakes. Startup Academy gave us the space and the environment to do so in a safe and supporting manner, where all doors are open and mentors are just phone call away.

So, on 18th of May, when we stood on the podium receiving our diplomas - we felt more than happy - we knew that we can do this, as we have the skill set and training to endure whatever future holds for us.

Jagi Journal author