Althemy - CyberCity @ Startit Fest, Belgrade

Althemy - CyberCity @ Startit Fest, Belgrade

After 8 months of hard work, the day arrived for Althemy - CyberCity to present itself in our second official big event pitch (after Mini Seedcamp Belgrade) and what better place for this but SEE ICT's Startit Fest Largest startup festival in South-East Europe.
Five days of startup mayhem, all over the city of Belgrade ensued between May 15th and May 19th. The agenda was packed to the brim and covered a range of different workshops, lectures and meetups.

From game development to programming for social change, from Lean and Tech afternoons to Fundraising events and networking areas Startit Fest offered something for everyone with entrepreneurial spark in them.
Perhaps the only negative comment we had on this whole festival was its too damn big. There is too much going on, and we cant be everywhere. We need to create some device for teleportation ASAP.

But we sure made it our priority to be at the main event The Demo Day, where Althemy - CyberCity and 3 companies who were a part of Startup Academy training program, got a chance to pitch in a real atmosphere of a major event to the audience and (some) investors who never heard what we were all about.

Althemy - CyberCity Startit FEST from CyberCity.
I cant say there wasnt a feeling of pressure and jitter of nerves. There was, and for a good reason.
We were not only observed by the official panel, consisting of Nebojsa Lazic- StartLabs, Felix Petersen Ex Amen, Christopher Muenchhoff Angel, Gil Dibner DFJ Espirit, but also by the representatives from Seedcamp, Eleven, LauncHub, Techstars, Techcrunch, RSG Capital and many others, some of whom were there rather incognito.
Add to this that we were sharing the stage with our schoolmates from Startup Academy Fishing Booker, Brides2Bride and Humintio, and you can see that this was not just another pitching event for CyberCity. It was in a fact the end of a childhood phase and the moment from where we have to grow up, grab the bull by the horns (as Carlos Espinal from Seedcamp told us), and storm the world of startups the best way we can.

While there was no winner or award for Demo Day pitch (we did get tickets for EXIT Music Festival tho), we did make important contacts with potential investors and mentors after the pitch, such as Ivaylo Simov who encouraged us to apply to this years Eleven program.
Weve had a great talk with Christopher Muenchhoff, a private Angel who insisted that we show him the demo of our platform as soon as it is up and of course further talks with mentors and friends, many of whom we only got to know during this festival.

There was however one note of melancholy for us during the Fest a realization that a Startup Academy is now over, and perhaps a little fear of losing touch with everyone who was such a major part of every weekend for the past 8 months.

Jagi Journal author