Jovana Ninkovic
Graphic & Web Designer

Jovana Ninkovic, also known as Tenshi, is a newest addition to Althemy family and is meritorious for the platform looking pretty. She is in charge of CSS and can achieve the impossible with her mad Photoshop & AutoCad skills.

Tenshi is studying Architecture and is proficient several languages English (Cambridge CPE), French (DELF B1), Italian (CILS A2) and Russian.

In her free time, Tenshi is a cosplayer, costumer, artist and photo editor. For her, cosplay is the ultimate hobby that fuses all the fragments of her interests, and she's been through a lot - drawing, acting, weaving, jewellery making. She's into many crafts, but mainly chooses to embody them through costumes and performances of her favorite characters from various franchises, mostly Japanese pop culture oriented.