Nemanja Stojadinovic
Chief Tech Officer

Nemanja is a code architect who’s making all the pretty things inside Althemy possible. Word ‘impossible’ does not exist in his vocabulary and he handles even the most demanding of assignments with ease and a smirk.

Nemanja has over six years of experience in Web Technologies as a LAMP programmer. He’s been working two years as a system architect and one year as a project lead and has an extensive knowledge in Linux administration, PHP frameworks, Git, MySQL, MongoDv, Memcache/Redis, API and many more. He’s also an expert in optimizing high traffic systems.

Nemanja is a devoted familly guy, but also an adventurer, with seven years of mountaineering under his belt and over a year in Mixed Martial Arts. He is a fan of Nihilism and the belief that “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.”