Irina Ponomarev Nikolic
Founder & Marketing Manager

Irina P. Nikolic, also known as Kira, is a founder of Althemy, marketing strategist, copywriter, web designer and master-mind behind the project. She is in charge of defining all the tasks that need to be executed and distributes them across the team. She is the one who defines short-term and long term goals and sets the course of actions accordingly.

Irina has been working on numerous web design projects since 2000, but since 2009 shes specialized in copywriting, search engine optimization and Internet marketing. Shes running her own web hosting business and works as a freelance writer. Freelance lifestyle allows her to focus on things she deems important on her own terms.

Kira is a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Sculpture, she loves to CG-paint and write. She also adores Visual kei, Tattoos, Steampunk, Asian movies, Anime, Magick and Astrology.