Aleksandar Bibanovic
Co-founder & Marketing Strategist

Aleksandar Bibanovic, also known as Alex Jagi, is a co-founder of Althemy but also its main spokesman, in charge of public speaking on various and numerous startup events where the project is being presented. Hes also helping with filming and video editing when needed.

Alex has a comprehensive and variegated working experience under his belt, which includes collaborations with BBC and National Geographic, spending three years on Thailand as a webmaster and technical director for a local detox & rehabilitation resort and working as a consultant and technical director for Media Agency Sensservis. He is also media contributor for Press Council in BH, instructor at School of Media Ethics and for 5 years now he runs a web hosting business in collaboration with Aionor and Kira.

Alex is self-educating himself in Neurobiology, Social Psychology and Behavioral Economics through Courser and Stanford's open education programs. He's a frontman of a Belgian band Arguadente and co-founder of award-winning Belgian artistic movement "Artflamenoir".