Marko Radosevic MAX
Co-founder & Content Manager

Marko Radosevic, also known as Max, is a co-founder, social promoter and Althemy's secret ingredient. He is in charge of keeping track of important events that are being held across the region, organizing participation of Althemy team and camera-covering at those events. As a social wizard and multi-tasker, he is establishing social connections in the name of Althemy and is capable of handling plethora of different assignments under tight deadlines.

Max has huge and varied working experience - as a cook, photojournalist, freelance photographer, project manager and recently as a CEO of an export-import company. Hes been collaborating with Aionor and Kira on various multimedia projects for more than ten years.

Max has a wide range of interests that includes all forms of living and artistic expressions that are anti-mainstream and non-conformist. Hes organizing and executing Streets for bikers events, as he is a passionate biker himself. Max is in love with couchsurfing, steampunk, airsoft, board games, to name just a few.