Igor Nikolic
Founder & Project Manager

Igor Nikolic, also known as Aionor, is a founder of Althemy project and a Jack of all trades. He is in charge of frontend development of the platform as well as supervision of the backend development. His peculiar ability is to motivate the team with his endless energy, to adjust to limited budgets and to make sure that things are getting done according to plans.

Igor has 12 years of professional working experience in web hosting administration and web development. He has ironed his skills in companies such as Simfonica, Technicom and ComTrade and in last 4 years hes started his own web hosting and web development business, which allowed him to freely dispose with his own time and devote himself completely to Althemy.

Apart from working on his project, Igor is also a leader of successful World of Warcraft guild, passionate jewelcrafter and former professional inline skater.