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TOPIC: PVC and Latex tips

PVC and Latex tips 4 years 7 months ago #1962

Goth community is full of PVC and Latex fashion, and most of us know how to care for our "fetish clothes" :evil:
But I have noticed some cosplayers have to wear it from time to time and have no idea how to care for, store or wear PVC and Latex items without accidents.
As a community, we are here to help you with tips, tricks and advice so you can have your costumes for a long time and be comfortable in them. Or if you are just starting to wear or thinking about wearing PVC and Latex this is also the topic for you.
If you are experienced, please share your advice here :)
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PVC and Latex tips 4 years 7 months ago #1963

Let me start first:

As fun as it is to wear PVC, Leatherette and Latex, as important it is to take proper care of them. Here are a few tips;

How to wear

When putting on your clothes seems difficult, some talcum or baby powder might help you to do so more smoothly. With pants or a catsuit or gloves, pull up the garment slowly, don't pull them too quick as they might tear. To get a better grip, slide your hand in between the garment and your skin and pull it up. Jewelry and sharp nails might damage the fabric.

Do not use any baby-oil on the outside of the garment, as this might damage it.

After use

Carefully take the clothes off. The inside and outside might be wiped with a lukewarm cloth to remove sweat. In case the garment is dirty washing is possible, do so by following these guidelines: handwash in warm (not hot) water with a small amount of detergent. Use liquid rather than soap flakes, as they might stick to the material. Make sure you wash your garment inside and outside and rinse thoroughly in cool water. Hang inside out to dry, but not in the sun! Do not iron them!

There are some special polish liquids for Latex and PVC clothing sold on the internet, I have never tried them out but if anybody has, please share your thoughts :)

Storage and keeping

After cleaning and drying, store the clothes, preferably on a hanger, in a dark, cool closet. Not in a hot room as this might damage the clothes. Especially in the tropics, the hot temperatures tend to damage the PVC or leatherette as metal zips or buttons get hot and can create a melting' effect. Do not hang light colored (such as red) garments next to black, as the black garments can leave stains on the lighter colors. It is also advised to use a black plastic bag and cover them to avoid sunlight.
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PVC and Latex tips 4 years 7 months ago #1995

I spray mine with diluted alcohol in between washes to prevent bacteria, but this is all good :D
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PVC and Latex tips 4 years 6 months ago #2258

My ex wife had a habit to cover her leather strap-on with vaseline or some other flavoured jelly. Worked every time, like a charm :dry: :whistle:
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