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TOPIC: Skyrim ~ Legends (card game)

Skyrim ~ Legends (card game) 3 years 4 months ago #3073

Since im proud owner of several mobile gadgets and phablets (iKnow, idiot) :whistle: .
I've never were into any annoying, fast pace game with barrage of effects (epileptic seizure warning!).
Also these days there is lot of copy-paste titles with castles, nations and other so-many-times used plots.
What was the perfect and only mobile game title that I could dedicate my time on!?!?!?!

THEN, I saw LEGENDS. I skipped my no lifer heartbeat. FUS RO DA :evil:

Not only does it has all the glorified story line in it but Bethesda took it to another level with fully customisable decks, daily quest challenges & tasks but also polished the PvP element.
Every game mode works like a charm.

~ Arena solo or vs - undeniably crucial for world rating and epic & legendary loot.
~ Gauntlet - rumble of long lasting clashes with other players and 15 min long duels. So much vigour in it.
~ Storyline - serve as a best executed ingame tutorial prelude with over 2h of gameplay.

The game deserves all praise because it offers deep blow into Skyrim lore with Dunmer Avenger, Hammerfell, Black Marsh Smugglers, Imperial might etc. decks which can be shuffled with your own selection.
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