To help you find the content you're looking for, and to make sure you are found, Althemy is categorizing its sites.


A category for all things crafted and visual - Art currently has 3 subcategories; Craft, Tattoo and Visual. Make sure to explore in depth, because diversity is strong in this one!


Games are many - video, tabletop and roleplay, and gamers are even more. This is the place for both creators and players!


If you picked a unique weird passion for yourself - it most certainly became a way of your life. This is the place for geeky cosplayers and alternative style lovers alike. 


An art form on its own, a little bit different in nature and too massive to be a subcategory, music category is the place where you'll find artists of sound, soloing or in bands.


Not quite fitting in any of the expressions, or simply making a site about your own, unique ways? Try going underground.


The right place for gathering of different philosophies of the world.