How To Become a Member

Whether you're on the Althemy platform home page, or any of the users' sites, you can easily join the community by clicking the "Join", or "Sign up" button.


There are currently two ways to register, via e-mail or Facebook.

If you choose to register with your e-mail, a confirmation request will be sent to you. Once you confirm your account, you can login, not just through the site of you choice, but on our home page as well.

If you opt for registration via Facebook, a confirmation / login Facebook pop-up will appear. Once you've confirmed it, you will be prompted to set your account password. The rest of the required fields will be set according to your Facebook data. You can also review and change it before you complete registration.

Once inside Althemy, you can explore the categories and join as many sites, galleries and portfolios as you wish, as well as add your own, thus helping build a strong and vibrant community for all geeky and alternative people online.

If you are not a member of Althemy, you can look for the sites of your interest by browsing the categories.

Welcome to Althemy!