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TOPIC: Introduce Yourself

Introduce Yourself 4 years 8 months ago #1628

Hahaha this is like a high school book of friendship page :lol: I will follow the layout of previous user.. OK?

Astro sign: Think its double Libra [ double trouble they say ]

Sex: I wish I was hermafrodite becouse my appetite is strong. Cannot resist to BI with everyone.

Age: 40

Relationship Status: unknown . Have Basorexia and a problem with short fuse in relationship.

Place: the globe..as a Digital Nomad im omnipresent. No really, I travel a lot. ;)

Job/Education: I finished landscape eng. , had a house cleaning company and bike mod. shop. which
I left it all to my adopted son. Took my a while to understand I just need to eat, sleep and repeat all those moves in digital enviroment.

Sport: e-sports mostly, when I have my sweet time I just unfold my bike and go around, travel. Is that sport? For me its the best activity without the need to score anything.

Film Genres: Documentaries can pull me into marathon watching.

Music: 8-bit conversions. Love to play with it. ussually I end up with some concept sound or electronic noise that mostly people avoid. Such a lonely I am in the clubs really.

Color: RGB can do.

Games: ooooh since Im testing and teasing my senses with e-games for over three decade, Im slowly getting back to social games. From default board stuff to mass organised geocache campaigns. For the past few months I was slacking a lot.

Food: Omnivore. Fruitcake Im nuts for fruits. :P

Kinky stuff? Preference?: Call me old fashioned but I like it str8 & rough. Have enough rules of gameplay on screen allready.

Wisdom: Never knew if I possess any! Ive heard a lot but for me wisdom is the ability to determine which problems should be solved. Wisdom vary and differ, thats it.
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Introduce Yourself 4 years 8 months ago #1709

Forum name: Immortalbae

Astro sign: Aquarius

Sex: I'm not easy to handle :D

Age: 22

Relationship Status: Single and FREEEEEE!

Place: Sweden

Job/Education: English language and literature, stylist at hart and soul

Sport: Every other day at the gym, doing whatever my trainer says because she is the best!

Film Genres: Something with a soul, art video projects

Music: Metalcore, hardcore, death metal and some goth

Color: Monochromatic with statement details

Games: Nope!

Food: Organic and vegetarian!

Kinky: :evil:

Genre you most identify with: Icon

Words of wisdom: Style is, was and always will be!
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Introduce Yourself 4 years 6 months ago #2407

I see we have a template to use, I never cared much for templates and forms, so in the box and ordinary but ces la vie...

Forum name: Lambequine

Astro sign: A starchild of the universe

Sex: Is a wonderful distraction

Age: Is just a number of years we spend in this form on this rock that circles the sun, a soul is immortal

Relationship Status: Relationships are hard and boiled, much like eggs. Equally distasteful

Place: Earth, Universe... Where I live is another matter Port Hope, Canada

Job/Education: I am an artist by mind and trade, conceptual artist and sculptor of the strange

Sport: Is for the one of a lesser mind

Film Genres: Movies are inspiration, even the bad ones

Music: Every sound makes for music if you listen well, sometimes it hurts, sometimes it brings joy but which sound to whom is a matter of taste

Color: We only see them with our brain, a matter of perspective

Games: Ones with wast worlds to explore

Food: Vegan, to hurt is to bring hurt to yourself

Kinky: Is a word that describes the free of mind to those around them

Genre you most identify with: To identify is to let your soul and identity die

Words of wisdom: Are most commonly spoken by youngest of children and old and demented
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Introduce Yourself 3 years 11 months ago #2950

i love this school friendship book stuff!

Forum name: Queien

Astro sign: I used to be Aquarius bu the whole thing changed now that NASA issued a new star sign map :D

Sex: I like sex! If you meant gender, I am a female :D

Age: Millennial :D

Relationship Status: Married to a wonderful girl!

Place: LA :evil: originally from Balkans

Job/Education: Marketing and Image consultant

Sport: Yoga! I loooove youga!

Film Genres: I like action/fantasy/family movies :D Generally I like to go and watch anything in good company!

Music: EBM, Goth and Metal

Color: Black/purple/orange combo of Halloween

Games: I just realized I haven't played a video game in ages!

Food: I'm vegan! And I adore avocados!

Kinky: Nah! I prefer cuddles!

Genre you most identify with: Goth/Environmentalist!

Words of wisdom: Save the Earth, it is the only planet with coffee! :)
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