Althemy is a unique community and marketplace that connects alternative people from around the world, enabling them to present their work, their ideas and hobbies, to sell and buy unique goods and collaborate with each other

But why would you join, youll ask.
Whether you are a model, crafter, artist or a band you need to communicate what you do in a best possible way and hopefully - make a living from what you do best.

On Althemy, not only you get a chance to create a site and sell your products, but also to form valuable partnerships.
If you are a model, collaborations with designers you like have never been easier.
If you are a photographer, crafter, designer, you will need a model to help you advertise your work.
Althemy makes it simple. The only requirement to send out and receive collaboration requests - is to have a site about your work, listed on Althemy.
Having a site enables you to sell your work to pre-filtered audience, interested in your alternative creations.

The first step to get you started is - to CREATE A WEBSITE .

We have prepared several plans for you to choose from.
1. There is a FREE plan, named Player that enables people to maintain their subscription for free, indefinitely, as long as they are earning points. Find all about points HERE.
2. There are also paid services for those busy folks for whom the time is the greatest value they have.
There is a ready solution for everyone, so theres no exuse to not create your very own, FREE WEBSITE now, and get the feel of our vibrant community.