As a Face of Althemy you will get a beautifuly designed site with features like
Blogs, Photos, Videos, About page, Sliders, Background and Logo.

Special feature ĎE-Shopí is also on its way, which will enable you
to sell your products to targeted audience.

1. As a Face of Althemy you will get a Featured Background with your Cover Photo on our platformís mainpage for whole month.
2. Your Cover Photo will be visible on all pages of our platform for one month, with a clickable link leading to your site!
3. You will get a big banner with your photo and description of your site on our platformís main page for one month!
4. You will get a thumbnail of your site with a direct link to it on our platformís main page for 6 (six!) months!

View the embedded image gallery online at:

As a face of Althemy you would get two videos Ė video interview + psycho profile, published on our platformís Facebook page and YouTube.

Transcript of your Video Interview will be published in our official Althemy Journal.

As a Face of Althemy, your photo will be published as a cover photo on our platformís Facebook Page for a month.

During that month, we will published weekly posts about you on our Facebook Page.

Videos, blog posts and announcements about you will be boosted on Facebook.

We'll introduce you to our community on Althemy.

All of the content will be shared on Twitter, Instagram and Blogger.

This way you can reach even larger audience and attract highly targeted visitors to your Althemy site!