Interview with Katrin Lanfire


Face of Althemy for August 2017 is - beautiful Katrin Lanfire, an alternative model and artist from Ukraine, currently residing in Germany. Apart from her immaculate makeup art and styling that dominate in all her photo-shoots, Katrin is also known as one of the designers of headdresses and accessories for MyWitchery line. She expertly combines dark images, various clothes, accessories and jewelry to create the perfect look. In this interview, Katrin reveals many things her fans would like to know about her.


Let's talk about sex! (in books)

I have recently noticed a trend floating around avid readers and book critics, usually female ones. They start listing things they hate about romance novels and one of the points that I constantly encounter with every one of these people is that they hate unrealistic sex scenes.


6 Types of Bad Tattoos

What are the worst tattoos out there? Well, while I could spend hours on end deconstructing and going over each glorious disasterpiece with the morbid fascination of a person watching a car crash in slow motion there are just way too many of those and I couldnt possibly go through all of them in just one article. So, I decided to instead go through the various types of bad tattoos that crop up, because, for every abominable tattoo you find, there are 10 more just like it that follow Like some demented conga line of bad grammar, worse ideas and bone chilling portraits that look more like some Lovecraftian creature than a beloved family member.


Metal is not the Devils music! Ok? Are we all clear on that? There is no such thing as the Devils music. All music is created by humans and by that logic (depending on what religion you adhere to) all music is created by god. Having said that, there is a clear and undeniable connection between Satan and metal music that cannot exclusively be chalked up to religious fundamentalists just making that assumption. To find out why that is we have to go a bit further back, before metal, to the advent of rock and roll (or even further to jazz and blues).


Last week, on my lunch break at a caf I haunt (no pun intended) within walking distance of work, I spied a couple of young goths a few tables away from mine. Their makeup was stark, clothes over-the-top, and eye-rolls were in full effect not so different than me when I was their age (I wont say just how long ago that was). It was nostalgic and charming to see a modern day version of myself and friends in aeons past. As I sipped the mediocre coffee, I began to think about people like me: the gothlings who grew into adults (who either embraced their dark heritage all along the path or denied that it ever stuck).


"I live in a goth house" - true stories and perspectives of goths' pets

Meet Amelia. She works at a tax office down the road, and is a fun person to hang out with. During the week, she works a lot, then comes back to her flat and spends her free time with her pets (dog, cat, and bird) or she goes on the internet. On the weekends she drinks with friends and goes dancing at a local club that has a goth night. Oh, did I mention that Amelia is a goth?


Cosplay Drama under the Looking Glass

Presuming that every existing trend, subculture or community has their own drama factors, we can just go ahead and conclude yes, cosplay has them as well. And while cosplay itself is a hobby which begun out of peoples love for characters of their favorite franchises, as it started slipping into the mainstream, many people jumped on board the hype train, adding diversity to motives, ways, and meanings of cosplay.


Steampunk Literature for the Anachronistic Soul

If theres one joke youve heard about steampunk its the one thats been trotted out for so long that no one alive remembers when it was actually funny (if ever it was): Steampunk is what happens when Goths discover brown.


The appeal and positives of cosplay/gaming

While mainstream culture seems slow to catch on to the undeniable fact that the geeks shall inherit the earth, there have recently been smaller instances of geekery eeked out to the masses. Take, for example, the characters in the Big Bang Theory, many of whom are avid fans of comics, gaming, and video games. Despite Batman t-shirts gaining popularity as acceptable wear for adults (Batman underwear, sadly, remains slightly less so), it seems that cosplayers and


10 types of gamers you will encounter

Gamers can be broken down into various categories based on a plethora of things, from their approach to games in general, to how much time or effort they dedicate to gaming, all the way to what games they play and how they play them. Here are some of the types Ive encountered in my decades long history of gaming.


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