Interview with Katrin Lanfire

Interview with Katrin Lanfire


Face of Althemy for August 2017 is - beautiful Katrin Lanfire, an alternative model and artist from Ukraine, currently residing in Germany. Apart from her immaculate makeup art and styling that dominate in all her photo-shoots, Katrin is also known as one of the designers of headdresses and accessories for MyWitchery line. She expertly combines dark images, various clothes, accessories and jewelry to create the perfect look. In this interview, Katrin reveals many things her fans would like to know about her.

Katrin, first of all thank you for this interview, it is our great pleasure to have you as a Face of Althemy for August.
You aren't only a model, but also an artist, stylist and designer. Could you tell us about your beginnings, how did you discover your love toward alternative imagery and decided to pursue it?

-Thank you very much for this amazing opportunity! I`m very glad and proud to be your featured model! I can`t explain all the details, but since my childhood I was in love with all kinds of "dark" art: literature, paintings, horror movies, some fashion collections, music... This mixture gave me a lot of inspiration!
My modeling began from my passion of creating various dark looks. I like  to wear something unique even in daily life. When I was a teenager, I started designing clothes for myself, because I couldn't find anything fitting to look the way I had in my mind. Some of my first clothes were from mother's (or grandmother's!) wardrobe, from second-hand shops and flee markets.
Also I was (and still am) fortunate to have multi-talented friends, photographers and designers. They asked me to be a model in their projects and I was happy to collaborate.
It was a great school for me, I understood I can be very different on every picture, that I can play out some unusual characters or just be myself.

Berkas Lena

Themes of your photoshoots are very distinctive and they often portray a beautiful and powerful young woman who draws her strength from the nature. Can you tell us more how do you come up with ideas for your photoshoots, for the clothes and ambient? Do you arrange everything by yourself or you have a team that is helping you prepare?

-Thank you again ! To be honest, I love to create my ideas without any help.
Of course, I discuss with photographer, what he (or she) would like to see in our pictures, but everything about styling and make up I prefer to do by myself. I have some experience and know what exactly I want to do with my face and clothes. Only if I want to make some outstanding hairstyle, I ask for help from my friend, a professional hairdresser.

Your art often seems to draw inspiration from mythology, fantasy and old religions. If yes - which ones?

-Actually it`s so many things... I love European pagan religions, native Americans, ancient Egypt, different historical times and classical and epic fantasies, such as Lord of the Rings or Games of Thrones.

What are the photoshoots that you are particularly proud of?

-I am proud of all collaborations with talented artists Annie Bertram, Silver Pearl photography, Estelle  photography, Lena Berks, Lina Aster, Flex Deams...

Mila Mishchenko

Could you tell us more about your designer brand 'My Witchery'?

-I founded this brand with my close friend from Kiev, Alexey. We started creating accessories for ourselves, but with time it became to grow into a small business. Now we work in 2 European countries : Ukraine and Germany and ship worldwide.
We try to use only light materials for our pieces and make them as comfortable as possible (because we have a big experience of wearing various accessories).
We can't 100% copy our items, so every of our accessories is unique.
Our favorite styles are dark fantasy and Gothic (from neoromantic to nu-goth).

Are there any new projects that you are working on, what we can expect from Katrine Lanfire in the future?

-Of course, there will be more shootings for some famous brands, calendar 2018 and...I`ve just joined Patreon, which means more exclusive content for my my followers :)

Lina Aster

Who is Katrin when she is not modelling? How would you describe yourself?

-Designer, traveler, dancer, goth, Wiccan witch, beginner photographer.

What does your typical day look like? Any free-time activities youre passionate about?

-My typical day starts with coffee and replying to e-mails and comment in social media. Then I have a choice: to work for my shop, work with editing pictures or making new shootings.  Sometimes it`s very tiresome, but anyway I`m happy to do things, that I really love.
My big passion is pole-dancing, I have pole at home, but sadly I don`t have so much time for learning new tricks.

Lina Aster

What would be your advice to your followers and young girls who would like to become alternative models?

-The first thing : just start to do things that you're passionate about.
Be curious, get information, try again and again. Also : don't hesitate to tell people who are you and what you really wish to achieve. Show your work to the world. Believe in yourself.

Thank you again for your time!

-Thank you too!

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Posted: 6 years 5 months ago by MumboJumbo #3080
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She is a goddess!!!
Posted: 6 years 5 months ago by FuriosAna #3078
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I'm just so impressed with how My Witchery grew and evolved!
Posted: 6 years 5 months ago by Jazzy #3077
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Love this interview! And I love Katrin and her fantastic creative side (makeup is always perfect) !
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Didn't had a clue about her creative side. That Witchery line is magnificent :woohoo: