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TOPIC: Esoteric Music Request

Esoteric Music Request 3 months 2 days ago #3129


I'm looking for completely copyright-free, public domain recordings of classical music for use in a video project that will be distributed on DVD. I know I can buy royalty-free music, but I can get that just by googling (and googling on public domain stuff just brings up crappy midis). So, while I can get cheap classical music (well, relatively cheap anyway), I'm taking it as kind of a challenge to find decent (or any, really) recordings (preferably mp3 or wav) of classical music which are completely unemcumbered by copyright. There's got to be something out there on the net, and damnit if I can't find it myself. In fact, I would take this to be a gigantic failure of the entire intellectual property system if none of us can find anything, since copyrights were only desgined to make the creative works profitable for a limited time so artists would be encouraged to create and still be able to make money. And then the works would enter the public domain and enter and enrich the collective culture.

Any help will be apprecited.

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Thank you.
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