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TOPIC: Random Esoteric Creature Generator

Random Esoteric Creature Generator 3 months 2 days ago #3128


There any plans to reprint this as a hardback, like the Dungeon Alphabet? Although I read a review on Amazon that said he'd have preferred a digest-sized booklet (similar to CRAWL! ?). Just wondering. Was about to order a copy, but not particularly thrilled that it seems to be perfectbound instead of hardback. I'm tough on books. I should point out that I love the fact that DCC RPG, Dungeon Alphabet, and Random Esoteric Creature Generator potentially give me everything I need to go nuts. I haven't even looked at the latter two yet, so maybe they cover the same ground, but a Fantasy Milieu Approximator might be a final piece of the puzzle, kind of a RECG for worlds/environments/politics, a la Traveller's planetary stuff. Having said that, what this means is, you've made Dwarf Fortress: the TableTop Game.

Any help will be apprecited.

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