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TOPIC: Modern classic or overhyped nostalgia?

Modern classic or overhyped nostalgia? 6 months 4 days ago #3111


Whenever I read about an older out of print game that some people love, I always wonder: is the game really that good, or are people's memories tinged by nostalgia? I found enough enthusiasm for Modern Art to overcome my skepticism and recently purchased a copy of the game via the marketplace. I found it oddly fitting that I had to pay above retail value for a game that's all about establishing the value of goods without inherent worth. I played my first game of Modern Art tonight with four players brand new to the game. While everyone at the table enjoys modern board games, I think this was the first pure auction game for everyone but me. Power Grid is probably the closest most had come to playing with auctions and market manipulation. I wasn't sure how it would work out, since Modern Art has a reputation for being a bit fragile with the wrong group. I needn't have worried; the game was a rousing success. The rules were easy to explain, and everyone at the table grasped the concept right away. That isn't to say that everyone played optimally, and I can see why some have complained that inexperienced players can throw the balance of the game. If you go into the game with the right mindset, however, this is almost a benefit. How do you deal with irrational actors in the marketplace? If I knew the answer to that question, I'd be more inclined to invest in the stock market. As it is, it's fun to explore that question inside a game.

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